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GetazReview, A prominent Employee and Industrial news magazines media publishing over company employees, labour related problems and solution for company management such as Managing Directors, CEO’s, GM’s, HR Directors, Chief HR Officers, Vice Presidents of HR, Personnel Directors, HR Head & Managers and for all professionals. Cover all types of field with institutions, universities and college students. We have our services throughout India. A renowned name GetazReview acts as a gateway to provide high-end magazines.

GetazReviewis a privately owned and operated specialist HR, IR, ER with Latest Amendments & Updates, Employees Matters and Remedies, HR Strategy and Leadership, HR Planning, Compensation & Benefits, Learning and Developments, Social Security, Latest News, Articles, Success Stories, Interviews, Case Studies News service provider to the HR & company management and all corporate professionals. We are nationwide and pride ourselves on being one of the largest produce HR & company management magazine and their professionals in India.

GetazReview mainstream always will have stayed connected and updated over the employees and labour law and HRD updates for the different kinds of incongruous problems.

We strive for excellence and provide exceptional service to our readers as a part of our ethic. We have built our reputation on exquisite professionalism and integrity which has been recognized by numerous long-term partnering companies.

“GetazReview is for people-focused, forward-thinking, business leaders who want insight into and examples of business-contextualised HR in order to develop high-performing organizations.”

GetazReview, invests heavily in producing and delivering a high quality magazine on employees, labor and industrial news to our readers and we adopt a stringent management policy to ensure that these standards are applied, maintained and that we are compliant with current quality innovation and implementation.

Our business motto “Empowering Employers & Employees” is always fascinating to fresh and experienced millions of professionals by excellent professionalism and unprecedented services to corporate readers. This new approach has already seen results that defies the current downturn and impresses our new readers.

What We Do

Digital Magazine: : With a significant online audience, making the magazine available on the web is sure to help you in reaping long-term rewards. It is, indeed, one of the recognized ways of build robust and high-quality relationship with the readers.

Web Portal: To easy access, you can find out all related information like all updated contents, Breaking News, Views and Interviews, Current Notifications, Latest Development, Business Information and Updated Result from reputed legal confederations.

Events: From time to times GetazReview organized events throughout India.

Awards Programme: GetazReview, time to time offer the service to our readers for the most valuable awards given by the most honorable person in mega functions, conferences or individually.

Conferences and networking: The conference covers the complete spectrum of high performance interconnect challenges. We will be the most comprehensive conference focused on the various aspects of eManagement, eLearning and eGovernance. This conference provides a chance for HR top to down, board of directors and industry professionals to discuss recent progress in the area of Human Resource Development and its segments that you can grow: Sharpen the saw, Meet Experts & Influencers face to face, Networking Opportunities, Learning in a new space, Break Out of Your Comfort Zone, New Tips & Tactics, Greater Focus, The Energy of Like-Minded Individuals.

Newsletters: Daily updated news, we are delivering the service via emails, social media, phone calls and personal meetings with the case study or success stories, FAQ’s, industry experts opinions, industry news, personal spotlight, announce upcoming events, predictions, expert lawyers, instructions or how-to’s. Update the information on the website and start to get the vital information over the employees and labour problem and their solutions.

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GetazReview always strive to provide timely news and updates related to employers and employees and we are also committed to provide best and most informative information from various effective necessary strong sources.


GetazReview objective is simple and strives to provide best and broad spectrum news and media service at one stop of corporate professionals and institutions. The company approaches every project in such a path that it is our defining moment and has the key to becoming the most innovative and dynamic company in the nation and international market, providing state of the art solutions that actually work.


We strive for excellence and provide exceptional service to our readers as a part of our ethic. We have built our reputation on exquisite professionalism and integrity which has been recognized by numerous long-term partnering companies.

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We help our Authors, Contributors stand out, state forward, reach out millions of readers, communicate better and engage deeper. If you have a bold experience in your expertise area, you should have a story to tell. We will help your expertise to tell the right story to the right customer in the right media. We develop an individualized strategy for yours and use a simple approach: We listen to your expertise and then create a unique plan for your identity in millions of audiences worldwide.


We are news and media company and our mission is simple to connect the world-wild professional to make them more effective, productive and successful for achieve company goals


Create best economy opportunity and committed to provide high quality essential growth steps for every member of the national and global workforce to the ongoing development of the globe to show first on economic statics

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