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Amazon reviews helped me to find their good service. Recently I went through the amazon service where I received a product with good packaging and delivered on time.

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Reviews play a key role in consumer decision making to buy the product or not. The shift in the interests of consumers from the offline to online shopping has enormously increased the value of reviews for products. Amazon sellers can boost their business, and increase the profitability in the online shopping landscape with quality Amazon reviews. If you also want to get amazon reviews for your product, then you are in the right place. In this blog, you will get to know how to get my amazon reviews for your product, achieve your minimum review target, and get 5 star ratings on Amazon.

What Is My Amazon Review Rating?

Amazon review and rating are key sources in business intelligence and maintain the sales of business. All Amazon sellers ensure their smooth business running through the quality reviews of Amazon products. Every business can thrive if it has good reviews written on Amazon. So if you also want to come on the top of the sellers, you can become a leading seller by considering valid methods. Below are the three main methods to consider to find your Amazon reviews and rating.

Check your product pages:

Checking your product pages manually is the foremost method to take into account if you are looking for reviews and rating of your product. Check out the ratings and written reviews on the main item page to analyze the reviews.

Get your reviews on Amazon dashboard:

Amazon, a giant ecommerce player provides a place to see reviews for Amazon sellers. If you want to see your reviews and ratings, you can board on the Amazon dashboard and check the credibility of your business. This exclusive feature is provided to registered Amazon sellers only so if you are registered with Amazon, then you can also check reviews and ratings on Amazon dashboard.

Monitor your reviews using AI Tool:

The final method to check reviews for your products on Amazon is about using a monitoring AI tool. You can monitor your reviews in real time and anytime you want by entering your Amazon standard identification number. In this way, you can know the performance of your products.

How To Write A Review On Amazon?

Your thoughts on the product can help other customers to identify whether to buy the product or not. You can provide your product by explaining your experiences with the product in written and selecting the rating. You can also add texts, pictures, and videos of the product anytime with your review.

Note: To post a review, you must fulfill the eligibility criteria provided in the community guidelines of ecommerce platform, Amazon. If you do not comply with the community guidelines, then Amazon does not post your review.

Steps to Post a review:
  1. Visit the product page and in case you have already placed an order, you can navigate in Your Orders option.
  2. Tap on write a customer review section in the customer reviews option.
  3. Click on the star rating as per your experience.
  4. Once you click on the rating you see a green mark which resembles that the review submission has been successfully done.
  5. You are free to add text, pictures, videos, and then tap on the submit button.
What Should I Write In Amazon Review?

You must know why you like or dislike the product. You are not allowed to write about the seller or about the shipping and handling of the product. Explain why you provided particular stars to the product.

What Are The Top Products You Can Review?
  • Amazon kindle scribe review
  • Exipure for review
  • Pharmacy for review
  • Books for review
  • Maasalong for review
  • Amazon credit card review
How Do I Get A 5 Star Review On Amazon?

To receive 5 star reviews and rating on Amazon, considering the below mentioned points can help you to get better experiences.

Work on customers’ experiences:

Working on customers’ experiences is the primary thing to take into account. Ensure that you provide rich experiences to your customers through your product. Enhance the features and functionality of the product and also make sure that you work on the feedback provided by the consumers.

Visit the users who have reviews similar products:

Visit the user who has reviewed your similar products on Amazon. Users who have reviewed similar products on Amazon can provide you with insightful reviews on your item page.

Share follow-up emails after selling the product:

After selling the item, sharing follow-up and emails can be helpful in increasing the credibility of your brand. You can ask for the feedback related to your product to get the higher rating for your product based on the experience you have provided to the customer.

Get customers reviews through social media or newsletter:

You can also get consumer reviews through social media or newsletter. Create engagement with customers via well-curated newsletter and social media platforms. Connect with your clients and make sure that they get the best experiences with your product. Know if there was something lacking in the product to work on the product.

Get support from top Amazon reviewers:

You can check the top Amazon reviewers on Amazon and get support for them to provide quality reviews for your product. Get reviews from the top reviewers and get your product marketed well. 

How Do People Get Free Products From Amazon To Review?

Become a top reviewer and make your bio compelling by including your interests in particular types of products you love to review, email address, and your interest in reviewing the products. If your profile is captivating enough, then the Amazon seller will contact you directly to review their products on their product page. If you want to get yourself listed in the top reviewers, then set your public through the personal settings.

In return for the reviews, the reviewers may get free products from Amazon.

How To Get 100 Reviews On Amazon?

Getting 100 reviews on Amazon is easy with the following considerations:

  • Share personalize review request through email or social media
  • Add your products to Amazon Vine.
  • Ask for reviews in the email newsletter. ...
  • Include product insert asking for reviews. ...
  • Engage with customers on social media and ask for reviews.
  • Shake hands with Amazon Early Reviewer Program. ...
Will Amazon Pay Me For My Reviews?

The customers on Amazon who have reviewed products that are rated finely by other customers too can be invited to the amazon review program. Such customers can become members if they are invited to the program and receive free amazon products for review.

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