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highly recommended !!! The website Autodesk design review has helped by saving my time and money with their software. They are all amazing.

Autodesk design review?

Autodesk is a team of professional software architects, designers, engineers, builders, manufacturers, 3D artists, and production teams. With the combination of designs and technology, Autodesk has found the solutions to all the challenges people face while inventing something in the virtual world. Autodesk design reviews software has spread from a large scale to a small scale to resolve all the challenges faced by industries. It develops software that saves one's time, energy, and money.

What is Autodesk Design Review used for?

Autodesk is a software company that designs software for the ones who create and innovate the world. It works in different areas for all whether small business or large. With the help of Autodesk design reviews, one can find out whether their services are useful or not. Whether it will help them or not.

Is the Autodesk design review discontinued?

The design review is discontinued, and Autodesk will not fix it or update it as announced by Autodesk. There are only two options available that have been provided by them. As per the manager of Autodesk Scott Sheppard states Autodesk design review has been discontinued and replaced by Autodesk 360. Now Autodesk is known as Autodesk 360. 

Two options available by the Autodesk
  • USE design review as bugs and all.
  • Use their online DWF viewer.
What file type is Autodesk design review?

Autodesk is a software company that reviews all types of open, publish, and secure file formats. It is a free programming tool that works for reviewing and creating DWF files. You can work with, design, publish, and share 2D to 3D data with others using DWF files.

What is the latest version of Design Review?

The design review provides the licensing freeware on Windows 3D design, where there will be no restriction on its usage of it. Also, the new version that has been introduced by the Autodesk is 14.0. 7.205 that can be downloaded and installed on the PC.


Autodesk is a software development company that offers the service to develop software for the ones who are seeking it. Through the help of this business, the one saves their time and money in terms of creating something. It reviews DWF files. The company has been discontinued and replaced by the name Autodesk 360. For further information check out the blog till the end and get aware of the service the autodesk provides.

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