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DP review will provide information where one can find it useful. And as per my experience, Dp is one of the best sites that provides a well-customized product.

Is DPReview still active?

It has been recently announced by the owner that the company DP will close in the future where the website will be active. The customers can go through the product reviews mentioned on the website.

What is going on with DPReview?

Recently amazon has laid off 27000 employees and the DpReview was included in it too. So DP reviews have decided to be represented through online posts. So it has stopped posting new posts from 10 April and made them available only online mode.

When did Amazon buy DPReview?

14 May 2007, amazon acquired DP Review. DP Review was an amazing editorial team with freelance writers. The RP review was independent of the Amazon review.

The company hired 14 full-time workers.

Why is Amazon shutting down DPReview?

Amazon has laid off the employees around 27000 in which the DP review was added. So the DP review decided to stop publishing the reviews until a certain time and it will be available online mode.


The DP review is a technically based company that used to review cameras, lenses, etc. products, but recently Amazon has laid off around 27000 workers in which the DP reviews were included and they faced laid-off problems. So recently they have decided to post their publication online more for a certain period.


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