Peer Review

A peer review is a procedure that is performed before publishing any paper to provide high-quality work. The articles published by peer review are authentic.

What are the 4 types of peer review?

Basic three types of peer review are introduced which include single-anonymized, double-anonymized, and open peer review. Over time, There are some more peer review types have been introduced such as transparent, collaborative, and post-publication peer review. However, The types of peer review are coming as it is being experimented on by experts.

Types of Peer-reviewed articles

  • Single - Anonymized,
  • Double-Anonymized
  • Open Peer Review
  • Transparent
  • Collaborative
  • Post Publication Peer Review

What is the role of the peer review?

Peer review is the procedure of evaluating or comparing the article with their competitors where the one gets an opportunity to improve the quality of their article by comparing it with their competitors. With the use of peer reviews, the one provides high-quality work.

What is called peer review?

The author’s scholarly work, research, or idea is under scrutiny by others who are experts in the field called peer review. It is a mandatory process for academic scientific quality.

What is a peer review example?

The procedure of peer review is complete with the appreciation or depreciation. Where the experts give their reviews. Here is an example.

“Jay has a keen eye for detail and research which produces high-quality work. I really appreciate the ability to maximize the quality of articles. We can rely on Jay.“

What is the golden rule of peer review?

The golden rule of peer review is that the Reviewer’s identity has to be confidential until or unless the peer review is used. It needs to be confidential. Also, the editors will make the decision on the suggestions and the recommendations given by the reviewers.  The reviewer needs to be accessible for the manuscript to review the work, not to the author. All kinds of independence need to be given to the editors. 

Is peer review mandatory?

As we have discussed peer review is an editing part where the experts examine to maximize the quality. There different kinds of guidelines have been given by different institutions and most of the institutes have made it mandatory.


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