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Temu reviews made me curious to use their service. After buying a product with temu. I'm impressed with their service which has delivered the products on time with good quality.

Reviews on Temu

Temu is an E-commerce website that provides a wide range of products including clothes, electrical items, fashion, decor, etc. It has divided its products into categories to make them more manageable and easy to operate. The customer can purchase a product by adding the product to their cart list. It is a China-based company which was established in September 2022. The company PDD holding is the holder of this company which is located in Boston. It provides products at reasonable rates that are directly shipped from China. It offers services in around 23 countries including the U.S., Canada, Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, Mexico, Japan, etc.

Is Temu safe to buy from?

Temu is not licensed by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and as per the rating, it has only received an average rating where the customers' experiences were on average. In recent reviews, it has been seen that the customers have reviews that the product took a lot of time to arrive like two weeks or more than that.

Temu clothing reviews

As per the reviews, Temu has received average reviews where few have received the product on time with great quality and few of them received the product a bit late and the quality was not as good as it looked.

Why is the stuff on Temu so cheap?

The reason for reasonable rates in the Temu app is that Temu connects its customers to direct suppliers. It does not produce the products, it adds the products to its item list and provides them to the customer through suppliers.

Is Temu a legitimate website?

The Temu is a legitimate website that does online marketing by adding the supplier's items to the list. All the items added to the site are real, customers can receive the items by placing an order.

Who is the CEO of Temu?

Maral Dipodiputro is the CEO and the co-founder of the company. He established the company in September 2022. The company is located in Boston.

Is making money on Temu legit?

Temu is a legitimately based company that provides genuine cash rewards. It offers a reward through the spine. There are many customers who have received the cash award.

Is Temu a good website to order from?

Temu is an online marketing platform that offers to buy products at a cheap rate with direct suppliers. But at the same time, Temu is not accredited with BBB(Better Business Bureau). Temu is not a scam but you will receive what you ordered. But be careful while buying products with any e-commerce platform.

Does Temu sell my information?

Yes, it is mentioned in their privacy policy that they claim that they may share your data with a third party where you have instructed us or provided your consent to do so. We will share only with those companies who want to sell their service to you.

Are Temu free gifts legit?

Yes, temu-free gifts are legitimated. There are many people who have received the gifts. They offer them in a limited amount that costs them very little.

Temu reviews and complaints

The Temu reviews and complaints are on an average basis where some of the customers are satisfied with their services and some of them are not satisfied due to their time taking part. It takes around two weeks more than that to ship the product to their customers.

Temu Customer Service Review

After looking into all the reviews given by temu’s customers we have found that the temu is getting average reviews where some of its customer care service is not good. Some of their customers found it disgusting as they do not respond to them and do not deliver their products on time. And some of their customers are happy with their service. The temu company is not authorized by BBB due to its not responding to behavior towards its  customers.


Concluding the debate, temu is a nonlegitimate company that is not accredited by BBB( Better Business Bureau). It offers a variety of items through suppliers to direct customers. As per the reviews, the temu is not a scam company but yes before placing an order ensure and read its terms and conditions carefully.

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