Total AV Antivirus Review

Total Av Antivirus Review are amazing which helped me to protect my widows from the virus that comes from unknown and restricted sites. It secures personal information from the leak.

Total AV Virus Protection Reviews

TotalAV Antivirus is a software to protect Windows and the internet with antivirus it provides security windows from any kind of damage. It is an excellent product that has been trusted by millions of users. It provides 99.6% protection and is scored by Macbook, Android, and iOS phones. It catches all the malware virtually.

The TotalAV Antivirus provides multiple services including Total Adblock, Total Web Shield, Total Password, Total Coupon, and Safe Site.

How many devices can TotalAV Antivirus protect?

The TotalAV Antivirus is a feature that protects more than 3 devices. It is easy to use by installing in Windows. It protects all Windows Mac, iOS, and Android devices.

Does TotalAV protect against viruses?

Yes, TotalAV Antivirus protects the windows from viruses. So the windows do not crash or be damaged by any anti-virus. It is a full package where one will get all the features to secure their windows from all kinds of complications.

What are the features of TotalAV Antivirus?

The TotalAV Antivirus is featured with all the safety elements that are required to secure the windows. It supports topping malware detection to compatibility on multiple platforms to protect them from any damage.

There are multiple features are provided that are mentioned below :

  • Real-time protection
  • Real-time protection is an all-time scanner that protects the window by scanning it from any anti-virus, trojans, adware, and other malware in real-time.

  • Advanced cloud scanning
  • Advanced cloud scanning provides greater protection from any virus threat.

  • Malware remediation
  • Malware remediation helps to clean and remove all the antivirus that comes to damage windows.

  • Malware scanning
  • Malware scanning runs from the background to ensure that the windows are not being damaged by any other or dangerous anti-virus.

  • Compatibility
  • The TotalAV Antivirus is available in all of them:

    • Windows
    • mac OS
    • iOSĀ®
    • Android
    • Fire HD
    • Multi-device coverage
    • The Total AV Antivirus ensures the protection of their customers from any virus by allowing it to work on all devices.

    • Data breach monitoring
    • It monitors the leak of the data in the wild and will inform you whether your data is being compromised or not.

    • Safe browsing VPN
    • It provides safety by retracting all the anonymous sites to ensure your safety.

    • Total AdBlock
    • With our Total Adblock, no worries about the tracker and online advertisement.

    • Total web shield
    • Total Web Shield helps to protect your personal information from any unknown websites.

    Is TotalAV a trusted antivirus?

    Yes, the totalAV is a trusted antivirus by millions of users. It works in all different types of platforms and is built with multiple features to provide high protection from any damage.


    The post is about TotalAV Antivirus Review, TotalAV Antivirus is a software that helps to protect Windows, iOS, and MAC from any type of antivirus. The one will get so many features in it which secure the windows from any unknown or damaging website by providing a web shield. It restricts the sharing of any personal information to other advertising websites.

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