UNZ Review: A Webzine  

I am completely impressed with the daily news review. It provided authentic information about the different areas of news which helped me to enhance my general knowledge.

UNZ review is an online magazine publishing a wide range of topics. It is also known as a webzine revealing all the facts and information that might not be covered by the mainstream media. UNZ started with the motive of revealing news that is not covered by mainstream media including foreign policy and race. UNZ clearly states the controversial perspectives Ron Unz says that do not even reach most newspapers on TV.

Who owns Unz?

UNZ is owned by Ron Unz, an American technology entrepreneur, writer, political activist, and publisher. Ron Unz was a successful entrepreneur before entering politics. He has sponsored various ideas including campaign finance reform, minimum wages increases, and structured english immersion. He started as a publisher from 2007 to 2013. In the year 2013, he became the publisher of The Unz Review.

In a December 2013 article a writer compared Israel to a teenager receiving probation for killing multiple people in a car accident when he was drunk. Lorraine Barlett, writer of the article arguing that Israel is just like a teenager considers himself superior and performs terrible acts as he knows he will not be punished for the acts he has done. The writer also mentions that Israel covers a warped soul with no moral compasses.

Emergence of UNZ Review:

Unz Review various articles seem to include anti-semitic intentions. It emerged just a year after a controversial article published in ‘The American Conservative’. The article was named as “The Myth of American Meritocracy,” emphasizing on Jewish entry to lvy League schools like Harvard School. Unz does not put anti-semitic intentions, and various arguments are appealed to anti-semites.

Unz magazine argues on the topic that Jews are excessively presented at prestigious universities even after not having good academic records and achievements. He put this situation in contrast to the situation of Asian Americans. The writer claims that the Asian American count is continuously rising but their number at prestigious universities  is still stagnant.

Ron Unz also claims that the number of 20-25% of students at lvy League schools are Jews when Jews are only 1.8% of American age students.

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