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The Walmarts reviews support me by saving my time in terms of making me aware regarding the walmart services. A great experience with walmart. Highly recommended!!

How do I write a review at Walmart?

Writing a product review helps other customers to know the good and bad things about the product. Your review matters for other customers and business also. If you want to write an efficient product review, then you must know the things to be included and excluded by Walmart.

Below are the Walmart reviews guidelines you should consider in the product review:

  • Focus on the product you are reviewing and, on the experience, you got through the product use. The review should be based on the product experience only not covering the customer service and shipping matters. In case, you have any doubts with the delivery of the product, then please directly connect with the customer support team to get answers for your questions.
  • Write main details about the favorable and unfavorable things you found in the product on the basis of your own experience.
  • Consider the purpose of writing a review which is to provide insights to other customers about the product to make their buying decision easier.
  • All the submitted reviews must fall under the terms and conditions defined by the Company.

Your review may be canceled if it covers any of the below details:
  • Irrelevant information that does not connect with the actual merchandise.
  • Foul language which is not suitable to be posted in the public forum.
  • Spamming, advertisement, prices, referral links for other products, new offers, websites or competitors are not allowed to be in the reviews section.
  • You are not allowed to post email address, contact number, website links, any other physical address with any form of contact information is not allowed to be posted in a review.
  • Any images that include the wrong use of the product.
  • Criticism or cruel comments for other product reviews in the product reviews page.

Types of reviews written by the customers:
  • Walmart employee’s reviews
  • Walmart credit card reviews
  • Walmart spark driver reviews
  • Walmart hearing aids reviews
  • Walmart 775 supercenter reviews

Is Walmart a good company to work for?

Over the last one year, 55% of employees say Walmart is a good Company to work for while 45% has a positive outlook for the business. The business has an overall rating of 3.3 out of 5. Hence, it shows Walmart is a good Company to work for if you have good exposure in working with a particular field.

How can I request a Walmart review?

You can consider the following ways to request for Walmart review:

Attach request with your packing: Pack your product in a way that also add a call to action with your packaging. In this way, you will be able to request the client to write a review for you. You can write your feedback matters to us.

Social media engagement: Engaging with customers through social media is one of the helpful things you can consider to get a review for your product. Connect with the customers and ask for reviews on your product page.

Send emails: Send email requests to get reviews for your product and also attach the product page where the user can write a review.

Add your request in newsletter: Adding your request in the newsletter for review is one of the other methods you can consider to request for a review.

Text Messages: Send text messages to customers and write that you want a review for your product. Sending a message request to get a review can increase the chances of getting a review.

Walmart Reviews Complaints:
You can write Walmart reviews complaints to Walmart with the details mentioned below:
  • Phone/Fax. Toll-Free Phone: 1-800-741-5367.
  • Local/International Phone: 614-534-1996.
  • Email Addresses. Customer Service:
  • Sales and Questions:

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